Introduction to Blackboard for Instructors

Blackboard (Bb) is a full featured web-based course management system (or learning management system). BB 's integrated tools support online content delivery, learning communities and assessments. It can be used to support courses that are completely online (virtual) or used to augment a course delivered face-to-face. Blackboard can help instructors:

  • distribute course materials
  • communicate with students
  • organize student learning activities, distribute collect and manage student assignements
  • delivery online quizzes, exams and surveys
  • manage student scores

Q and A for Instructors

How do I request a course shell for a class I am teaching?

To request a course shell contact IMS Service Desk or submit a New Official Course Request Form.

How will students enroll in my Blackboard course?

Students who are registered in your course through the Registrar's office will automatically be enrolled in your Blackboard course. There will be a delay of a day or more from the time the students register to the time they appear on your Blackboard enrollment.

Can I create a Blackboard guest account?

In Blackboard you do not need a guest account to see a preview of the course. In your course, click on the Student Tab. The Student Tab allows the instructor to view the course as the student will see it. Instructors can test quizzes and assignments created in Bb using the Student Tab.

Should I back up my course every semester?

Currently the Blackboard Administrator is responsible for backing up courses. Course backups occur at midterm and at the end of each semester.

Can I reuse a course I taught in a previous semester?

Yes, you can reuse a course taught in a previous semester. Each academic year every Blackboard course is copied into a new course shell for use.

Is there a cost for using Blackboard?

Blackboard course management system will host all official, numbered, UT Health Science Center courses at no charge. All other types of courses will be hosted at a fee. For more information on cost structure, contact Aggie Manwell-Jackson.

Where can I get help with Blackboard?