Introduction to Blackboard CE8 for Students

What is Blackboard CE8?

Blackboard is a course management system that allows your instructor to create an web-based learning environment. It gives you online access to course materials 24/7. Blackboard offers the ability for both you, your classmates and your instructor to exchange files electronically, communicate and have online discussions. To use any of the features present in Blackboard, you must have a Domain ( Account and be registered in a Blackboard course. Be sure that you don't have any "holds" on your University Accounts or it will affect your access to online courses.

Logging into Blackboard CE8

  1. Connect to the Internet and type in the following URL in your browser's address bar:
  2. Be sure to wait for JAVA Initialization to complete.
  3. Perform a Browser Check
    1. Besure that you get all green Checks
      1. Ensue that there are no conflicts in your JAVA - uninstall old versions of JAVA and install JAVA 17 .
  4. The Log in area will prompt you to type your User Name and Password. Your User Name is your UT Health Science Center domain name. Your Password is your UT Health Science domain password.
  5. All users are expected to register for the UTHSCSA Domain Password Resetting Tool. Click Here
  6. If you have a problem with your password and need to have it reset, call IMS Service Desk 210-567-7777, option 4 or Click Here for UTHSCSA Domain Password Resetting Tool.

Browser Requirements for Blackboard CE8

Blackboard CE8 has very specific browser requirements.

  • You must use a web browser validated for CE8.
  • You must have an approved version of JAVA runtime environment installed and enabled.
  • You must disable any popup blockers.
  • You must have JavaScript enabled.
  • Check here for a listing of Supported Web Browsers for Blackboard CE8 - External Link


    Check Browser

    Blackboard CE8 automatically checks to see if your computer is properly set up when you log in. (You can also click the Check Browser link on the login page.) This is the easiest way to see if your browser is set up correctly for CE8. You will see the Browser Check Results window as shown. (More)

    Learning System Browser Checker

    Scroll down the window to ensure that you browser has "passed all aspects of the browser check. Green check marks are good; red crosses in any of the boxes indicates a problem. If any requirements are marked with red crosses, click on the Step-by-Step Instructions to Properly Configure Your Browser link, and then follow the instructions.