Latest 3-D Human Anatomy Model Now Available!

Most medically accurate model on the market...

We recently upgraded our 3D human anatomy collection to include both the male and female 3D polygonal models of the highest quality and most medically accurate available on the market. This collection adds an invaluable resource to our clinicians, teaching and research staff.

  • Create unique anatomical views from any perspective
  • Create custom teaching and research images equal to any institution in the world
  • Animate medical and surgical procedures with devices or instruments
  • Demonstrate complex anatomical or surgical principles using 3-D visualization
  • Utilize the skills of our highly trained 3-D medical animators & illustrators



Animation per hour $44.00 for HSC Faculty and Staff

  • A simple animation typically takes 4-8 hours
  • Complex animations typically take 8+ hours, please call or contact us for estimates

Still images

We are building our anatomical image bank to provide access to affordable, high-quality stock artwork. Contact us for more information or let us know your suggestions.

  • Individual image pricing - $10/each
  • Topic set - Six to eight images of a specific anatomical topic - $50
  • Topic Collections - An image collection includes your choice of
    5 topic sets - $200