Make your ideas, teaching points, and concepts capture their attention with effective and professional 3D animation.

Our team produces high quality professional 2D and 3D animations for presentations, video, web sites and interactive media using the most current software. Recent advances in translating Dicom image data to 3D surface models give us expanded 3D capabilities with true organic modeling.

Animation shows the "hard to see"
Animation has become the standard in mission critical presentations to national pier-groups, funders & investors, and the media. Animation effectively conveys unfamiliar medical, microscopic, or mechanical principles that prospective lay audiences can grasp in a single viewing.

We visualize the process
Conceptual animations or sequences can be created to highlight presentations on a new device, drug, physiological or technical process.

Animations are helpful for:

  • Complex medical or scientific concepts
  • Medical or dental procedures
  • Product development & training
  • Grant proposal applications
  • Patient education
  • Anatomy demonstrations
  • Custom organic and mechanical modeling

For information on turnaround times and cost, please contact Sam Newman at (210) 567-2222.