Copy Express Plus

Copy Express Plus is your source for one-day turnaround on high-speed black and color document copy services.
We provide efficient copy services such as:

  • Large photocopy jobs such as classroom manuals and reports
  • High-speed collating, stapling, and binding of manuals and reports
    Your final jobs can be:
    • e-mailed
    • hand delivered, or
    • mailed in to Printing Services Central Services Warehouse Building.

Please call for pricing and scheduling information: 210-567-2315. We are located in Printing Services Warehouse located adjacent to our warehouse past the Human Resource Building.

Turn Around Time:

  • Routine Jobs are guaranteed 1 workday or sooner turnaround for 1 to 50 original, 15-300 copies per original.
  • Exams are processed on a priority basis.
    • Exams in by 2:00 p.m. are shipped or are ready for pickup no later than 8:30 a.m. on the next workday.
    • Grants are processed in three to five workdays.
    • Contact the Copy Express production manager to schedule quicker turnaround
  • Scheduled Jobs – 7 to 10 workdays turnaround, it is recommend to contact Copy Express Manager to schedule due dates. 51 + more originals, 15-300 copies per originals. Finishing options are available.

Request Instructions:
All jobs for Copy Express Plus must be submitted with a Printing Service Request Form.