Web Site Development

The service provided to the UT Health Science Center community for web site development is characterized by 3 major phases as follows:

  1. Content Design: In order to understand the client’s identity, we conduct extensive research into the activities, accomplishments, goals, organization focus of research if applicable and any other relevant area of the client’s operation. This allows us to create content that accurately projects the profile of a client’s operation.

  2. Site Construction: After gathering all the necessary information in the design phase, we proceed to architect the site. In this phase we define the page organization, menu content, fly-outs, etc. This is followed by the actual page construction, gathering of photographs, pictures, and flash animations to provide exciting content.

  3. Programming: To provide dynamic content and add a higher level of sophistication to our web sites, extensive programming may be done. We are able to create extensible and updateable web sites by driving the menu as well as page content programmatically. For this we use third party software that incorporates state of the art features to our sites like Ajax or facilitates our client’s ability to update content easily.

Contact Information:, 210-567-2250


  • Starting at $32.50 per hour for design work
  • Starting at $45.00 per hour for programming work

Request Instructions: Submit a Service Request Form.