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Access Control Executive (ACE)

Summary: The implementation of appropriate access controls to administrative business systems is critical to attainment of HSC's missions. The ACE responsibilities, as described in the guide should be carefully reviewed by Deans, Chairs, and Directors, as well as the designated departmental ACE to ensure departmental compliance.

The ACE has the responsibility to manage departmental users accessing administrative business systems including: PeopleSoft applications, Document Review System (DRS), Space Management System (SMS) and Data Warehouse. These systems contain sensitive data and information critical to HSC business processes. In addition to this critical function, the ACE serves as the official liaison between the departmental users, administrative departments, and IMS in the use of UT Health Science Center administrative business systems.

Resources, Process Guides, and Forms
  • Ace Quick Guide (FY15 Enhancements)
  • The ACE Procedures Manual and Reference Guide (pdf) - Information on Responsibilities, Qualifications, and procedures.
  • ACE Designation Form (pdf) - This form is used to assign a departmental ACE and must be signed by the department's Chair, Dean or Director and the Vice President for Business Affairs.
  • ACE Proxy Designation Form (pdf) - This form is used by the departmental ACE to designate a person to act in the ACE's absence. This form must be signed by the department's Chair, Dean or Director.
  • P.S.A.R. (Personnel Security Access Request) Form - This online form is used to request/delete access to application systems for a user. For security purposes, this form should ONLY be completed and submitted by the departmental ACE. The PSAR form service is accessible by logging into the IMS Self Service portal
  • Administrative Mailbox (pdf) - This guide will take a step-by-step approach through setting up the HRMS mailbox for the departmental ACE to receive confirmation emails from Human Resources department or Payroll.

  • Training Information:
    • New ACE Training:
      • Newly appointed ACE should schedule initial ACE training in the Knowledge Center. This training is required for newly designated ACEs and is conducted one-on-one throughout the year. This Initial ACE training includes a technical and functional overview. Included is an initial review of departmental security access and the appropriate forms.
      • On Demand module via Knowledge Center | Information Technology:
        • ACE Security Training
        • ACE Department Inquiry Tool Training
    • Annual ACE training:
      • As a review of responsibilities and existing departmental access, each ACE is required to attend annual ACE training.
      • This Annual ACE training is conducted in a seminar style and includes a "functional" overview and a review of departmental security access and the appropriate forms.
    • The ACE training includes the following documentation:
      • ACE Process Guide and Helpful Information Sheet
      • User Security Access Departmental List and Confirmation Form
      • Additional Process Guides as needed
    • After mandatory annual ACE training, a copy of the User Security Access Departmental List Confirmation Form is signed and forwarded by the ACE to DCATS


Business Software Application Support Contacts:

  • HSC Business Information Systems Resource Guide – a handy guide for who to contact with questions or problems on enterprise business applications.
  • Network, Connectivity, Logon – Contact the Service Desk, 210-567-7777, option 1
  • Application functionality PeopleSoft, DRS, InfoView, Hyperion, Enterprise Analytics – contact: Application user support team or 210-450-0090