Business Application User Resources and Support

This page is the starting point for finding self-directed learning activities, resources, and support assistance. The content is managed by the Transition Solutions Team who provides resources and support for administrative business software applications at the Health Science Center. The team works in a collaborative partnership with key subject matter experts, Human Resources, and Business Affairs to support enterprise software applications, business process training, and professional development.

Transition Solutions is supporting the institutional training strategy to provide self-directed, on-demand training and resources, empowering employees with the opportunity to learn, find answers, and perform business operations without restriction. Application users may access detailed training through a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Knowledge Center or Canvas Catalog. This training is available in two formats, an interactive course or an informational course. Interactive courses are learning tools using multiple visual and audio inputs requiring user interaction to assure mastery or retention accountability for the content. Generally, an interactive course could be from ten minutes to an hour in length. An Informational course is an audio guided step-by-step walk through a business process, accompanied by screen views of the business application. Generally, an informational course is less than ten minutes and ideally around 3-5 minutes in length. The final tools for supporting learning are printed documents in two formats – the Guide, a comprehensive reference tool for an application, and the Job Aid, a quick reference tool for a specific business process.

HSC Business Information Systems Resource Guide:

    The HSC Business Information Systems Resource Guide is a ready reference to systems and related resources that pertain to accessing and using the university's information systems. The intended audience for this document is administrators and administrative support personnel. However, any staff or faculty new to UTHSCSA may find the information in this document to be helpful. The HSC Business Information System Resource Guide is located after logging in on the portal as well as the link above

Business Software Applications:

Business Application Update:

    The Business Application Update provides departments and users information for planning and enterprise business application utilization. The Update will be sent to targeted email lists and is available on-line for all users. Check the update page for status of new projects, information on preparing for upgrades, and scheduled outages.

Appliction Support Contacts:

    Administrative software application users are encouraged to explore the resources listed on this site to learn as much as possible about the transactional data, business processes, and application functionality.

    • For questions beyond what is available on this site or regarding training resources contact the Transition Solutions team:
      • or 210-450-0090
      • Transition Solutions has application support agents available Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM