Social Media Subcommittee

Background and definition
The Social Media Subcommittee was formed by the Computing Resources Committee (CRC) in 2011, in response to a high interest in the use of Internet-based tools and services by students, employees, departments and schools across the UT Health Science Center. The term 'Social Media' refers to tools that empower Internet users to share information and participate in communication with colleagues, friends, family, or the public. Examples include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and more. The definition of social media continues to evolve as the platforms and technologies develop and expand.

The overall charge of the Social Media Subcommittee is to advise the CRC on planning, strategy and policy for effective and safe use of online social media by Health Science Center students, employees/staff, and faculty to support the professional missions and business functions of the University.


  • The Social Media Subcommittee created and maintains the University’s Social Media Toolkit for faculty, staff and students of the Health Science Center. The Toolkit is intended:
    1. ...as a resource to help both new and experienced social media users consider, plan and implement social media tools effectively in support of the Health Science Center’s teaching, research, clinical and/or service missions.
    2. ...as a foundation for administrators and policymakers who are considering the optimal role and governance of social media within the institution.
  • The Social Media Subcommittee also created and maintains the Social Media Directory for the University, along with a contact list of the administrators for the social media channels listed in that directory, to facilitate collaboration on social media projects and referral of social media-related inquiries.
  • The subcommittee evaluates existing HOP policies as they are being considered for review and updating, to ensure that they appropriately take online collaboration and social media environments and usage into account.
  • The subcommittee initiates or approves any new or unique social media policies under development for the HOP, with a strong emphasis on ensuring redundancies are not created.

Term of membership
Three years

Additional information
Social Media Subcommittee members will meet monthly. Subcommittee meetings may be held between meetings of the full committee. The subcommittee’s membership will include a broad representation (e.g., HR, Student Services, and Library) as well as CRC members. Expertise in computing/informatics is welcomed.