Data Storage

Departmental Tape Storage

We offer departmental server tape backup storage, stored in fireproof tape vault.
Contact Information: 210-567-7777
Cost: $2.67 per tape/month

Leased Mass Storage (LMS) Operating Procedures:

Leased mass storage is file storage for groups and/or individuals of data on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation set up and maintenance of user storage areas (includes group and individual shares).  LMS covers basic file/print services only. Server based applications and layered product support must be requested and agreed to on a case-by-case basis and will incur an additional charge.  IMS will ensure that the storage leased is backed up to tape on a routine basis. This includes off-site storage. Request for recovery of data from backup tapes will be at an additional charge after the number of recoveries indicated in the table below. Backup tapes are normally retained for one year. Longer retention times must be requested and agreed to on a case-by-case basis. There may be an additional charge for longer retention times.

Contact Information:  IMS Service Desk , 210-567-7777

Requirements:  For use only by departmental/group entities and/or individuals at UTHSCSA

Restrictions:  No applications to be stored using LMS

Time Constraints:  Maintenance request for Leased Mass Storage will be given medium priority unless otherwise specified (8 working hour response)

Turn Around Time:  Within five business days after consultation with client.  Consultation will be scheduled with the client after service request is submitted.

Cost:  The initial cost of the amount of storage used will be based on an estimate. Actual storage being used will be assessed after 90 days, and the charges adjusted accordingly. Renewal costs will be based on the amount of storage being used August 31st of the current year.

Disk Storage

High Use Desk Storage

$9.90 per GB per year

Purchased in 535GB allotments - $8.26 per GB per year

Account Setup/Initialization

$20.00 per user / project share

Account Annual Maintenance

$10.00 per user / project share

Restores for tape

Groups: 2 free restores per every 50 users / project shares

Individual: 1 free restore per year

$50 per restore after "Free restores" are exhausted

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