Shared Office Copier Service

UT Print manages the shared-use office copier system and dedicated copiers to all departments of the Health Science Center. We feature the following service solutions:

  • High-speed Color and Black & White equipment is located throughout the main campus and surrounding area.
  • Copiers perform special features such as collating, 3 hole punch, staple, copy reduction/enlargement, and two-sided copying.
  • Access to copiers is through your UTHSCSA credentials, Billing is automated for complete accuracy also giving you the flexibility to manage multiple Project ID’s.
  • We also offer a new service called Follow-Me-Print. This feature allows you to print from your computer directly to the shared copiers and retrieve your documents from anyone of the 45 units throughout the campus and surrounding area.
  • Copier attendants are available to provide customer assistance or handle any problems with the copiers during normal business hours (8am to 5pm).

Problems? To report a problem with a shared-use copier please call UT Print at 7-2315 and an attendant will be dispatched to copier location.