Computer Maintenance and Repair

We have a repair center with highly qualified technicians located on campus. The technicians hold a variety of qualifications, including A+, ACT, Apple Certified Repair Technician, Dell Warranty Service Technician, Lenovo Warranty Service Technician, MCP and MCSE.

Student Computer Repair Support

Contact Information: Please contact the Service Desk for additional information at 210-567-7777 option 1.

Cost: Cost of repair parts and/or services not covered under Warranty or a Service Level Agreement are billable at $40 per hour. Estimates and "Repeat Authorization" to proceed with services may be requested.

Request Instructions:All request for service should be submitted via the Online Service Request, or by contacting the IMS Service Desk at (210) 567-7777. Students in need of support refer to: Student Computer Repair Support