HSC Guest Wireless Options

UTHSCSA offers several wireless connection options to visitors:

HSC Guest - Free Public Internet Access

UT Health Science Center Visitors and Guests may connect to the HSCGuest wireless network anywhere it is available. Connect by simply selecting HSCGuest from your available connections on your device and accepting the terms of use.

HSC Wave - Students, Faculty, Staff, & Sponsored Guest Accounts

HSCWave is to be used by all UT Health Science Center employees, students and Sponsored Guest Accounts. HSCWave will automatically reconnect as users move between facilities or any location HSCWave is available.

Sponsored Guest Account

Sponsored Guest Accounts: Sponsored Guest accounts are designated Person Of Interest (POI) or people otherwise engaged in business with UT Health Science Center. Sponsored guests may connect to HSCWave by opening the wireless connection of their device, selecting HSCWave and then entering the credential provided by the sponsoring department or division. To establish a Sponsored Guest Account the department will submit a request for a domain account (under Network Account) with specific instructions to the resources you require access to.