Long Distance Services

Long Distance Authorization Codes

Information Management Client Support Services (IMCSS) provides long distance service for the University. The University uses the State Communications Network (TEXAN) for routing the majority of long distance telephone calls. Therefore, by State law, the University is restricted from routing any long distance call over the network that is not placed for the purpose of conducting University or State business.

Telephone authorization codes and reports detailing the long distance calls made with each authorization code are produced by Information Management Client Support Services (IMCSS) to assist in the control of unauthorized calls. It is the responsibility of each department to ensure authorization codes are kept secure, monthly reports are reviewed, and calls are in compliance with the University policies.

  • Authorization codes are used to make long distance calls from HSC campuses.
  • For information on dialing long distance when outside San Antonio, see Long Distance Calling Cards.
  • Long distance calls are billed to departments monthly.
  • Authorization codes are intended for the sole use of the individual to whom it was issued. Sharing these codes with others is a violation of UT Health Science Center HOP policy.
  • The person to whom the authorization code is issued is held responsible for all calls, including unauthorized calls.
  • If an authorization code card is lost, please contact Information Management Client Support Services (IMCSS) at 210-567-7777 immediately to deactivate the code. Be aware that it is against our policy to provide authorization codes over the telephone.
  • Review of the monthly report must be complete and any unauthorized calls reimbursed by the employee within 30 days after reports are received by the department.
  • Dialing Instructions These instructions and information are also provided on authorization code cards.
    1. Press numbers in the order shown. The “+” represents an audible dial progress tone.
    2. United States: 99 + 1 - area code - telephone number + authorization code
    3. International: 99 + 011 - country code - city code - telephone number + authorization code

Contact Information: 210-567-7777

Restrictions: Calling Cards and Authorization Codes are intended for the sole use of the individual to whom they are issued. See HOP for Long Distance Service policies.

Turn Around Time: 7-10 business days


  • $0.112 per minute within the state of Texas
  • $0.205 per minute when dialing United States, Canada and parts of Mexico
  • International rates vary by country

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