Data Network Connections

Connections to a UT Health Science Center Network.

Description: A standard network connection consists of one Ethernet port to host one node (computer, printer, etc.) at any of the campuses, installed for a fixed fee.  Special installation circumstances (difficult to install, long distances, fiber connection, etc.) may increase the cost.  Indicate on the Service Request Form a higher speed Ethernet connection is needed or whether there are any special needs.  A network analyst will determine if there are any additional costs and the time schedule to install.  You may ask for an estimate on the installation to get a more precise cost.

Contact Information: IMS Service Desk, 210-567-7777 option 1

Requirements: None

Restrictions: Does not include software or software installation

Time Constraints: None

Turn Around Time: Typically within 2 weeks

Cost: The following flat rate schedule was developed to reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a Service Request Form estimate. This schedule will be used for most estimates, but may not be used for special or unique requests. After an initial consult, an analyst will determine whether the flat rate schedule can be used. Flat rate services include installing an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for a 10BaseT connection.

  • Network connection flat rate schedule:
    • Data networking connection , $585
    • Data network prewire (wiring only) , $300
    • Data activation, $356
    • Recertify active port , $71
    • Wireless Access Point, $1850
    • Facility Mangment Renovations/New Construction/Leased Bulidings,
      contact Stephanie Romero | for estimates
    • Materials - at cost
    • Urgent requests are subject to expediting fees, $200

  • Special network application requests:
    • $45.00 per hour for Network Analyst and Installation Staff
    • $60.00 per hour for Senior Technical Staff (example: ACL changes, special firewalls, etc.)

Request Instructions: Submit a Service Request Form.