Classroom / Conference Room Design

Instructional Facilities Design (IFD) incorporates presentation, transmission and learning technologies employed throughout the university teaching spaces as well as departmental facilities. IFD strategically plans the university's upgrade path to implement leading-edge information technology when it supports the educational and research goals of the Health Science Center community. Instructional Facilities Design provides the following:

  • Consults with faculty to design, implement and evaluate appropriate technology for instructional facilities
  • Serves as a liaison between the faculty and the construction process during renovations and new construction
  • Participates in the construction design process, offering appropriate comments to reduce expensive change orders
  • Assists departmental negotiations with technology vendors
  • Assists in drafting specifications and budgetary simulations for the construction process
  • Provides the continuity of experienced project management
  • Evaluates site-appropriate distributed learning technologies

Contact Information: Robert Stoller , 210-450-0207 or Stephanie Romero, 210-450-0214