All voice services for the UT Health Science Center departments are provided by Information Management Services (IMS).

All equipment will be administered by IMS, ensuring the equipment is properly acquired; state reporting requirements are met; proper maintenance is performed; compatibility with existing equipment is maintained; facilities are optimally used; and the communications needs of the departments are met at the least cost. Each department is responsible for the care of the equipment assigned by IMS. If a piece of equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged due to abuse, a fee equal to the replacement cost of the equipment will be charged to the responsible department.

Per HOP 5.2.9 only IMS is authorized to relocate phones on all UT Health San Antonio campuses. There are no costs to move phones, unless a network line is required. However, if a phone is relocated by the department or an incident is submitted due to an unauthorized phone move, the department will be billed $40 per phone.

Telephones User Guide

NEC icon
7800 series



Campus Dialing Instructions

Long and North Campus
On Campus 7-xxxx
Off Campus 210-567-xxxx



Hospital Dialing Instructions

University Hospital Veterans Affairs Santa Rosa
On Campus operator 980 operator 940 99 704-2335
Off Campus 956-393-xxxx 210-617-5300 210-704-2335



The following flat schedule was developed to reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a Service Request Form estimate. This schedule will be used for most estimates, but may not be used for special or unique requests.

One Time Charges:

  • New installs/moves with existing inactive cable: $356
  • Phone move: No cost, unless a new network line is required
  • New installs/moves without cable: $585
  • Disconnect: $20
  • Feature changes to current phone (ie, adding extension, name changes, hunt group changes, etc): $10
  • Urgent requests are subject to expediting fees, $200