Information Technology Executive Advisory Council (ITEAC)

The ITEAC will provide a forum for the development of priorities for information technology at the Health Science Center. These priorities will be used by the VP & Chief Information Officer (CIO) in development of the IT annual operating plan and the IT strategic plan. In addition, the ITEAC will select and sponsor selected projects that address critical issues related to IT applications and implementation. Funding may need to be identified to support the projects approved by the ITEAC. The ITEAC will establish a set of rules, criteria, and guidelines that form the process by which IT projects are proposed, reviewed, prioritized and approved for funding. To facilitate this process, ITEAC members will encourage involvement from the individual departments within the administration, clinical and research departments, and the larger community.

The ITEAC will meet initially on a monthly basis for 1.5 hours. Meeting notification will be distributed in advance of the meeting. An annual meeting schedule will be established at the first meeting.

  • Black, Mike ◊ Office of the President
  • Breslin, Eileen Dean Dental School
  • Menn, Bryan IMS PMO
  • Chiang, Theresa Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Greenberg, Lew Dean Medical School
  • Herman, Brian Vice President for Research
  • Kalkwarf, Ken Dean Dental School
  • Lynch, Steve Exec VP for Business Affairs
  • Pollock, Brad Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  • Walter, Christi Cellular & Structual Biology
  • York, Jerry VP Chief Information Officer
◊ Chair ‡ Ex officio